Teaching Material

Text book – Client groups and their involvement in Social Farming

Through interviews and participant observation, the SoFARTEAM-Project has gathered extensive learning and insight from experienced social farmers and support workers in health, social care etc. on working with specific target groups. In this textbook, it combines this with the latest academic research and learning and the expertise of the Project partners. The textbook addresses a range of important questions when it comes to working with various target groups in social farming:

What are the specific characteristics and needs of individual target groups?

How can the participants benefit from their time on the farm?

How can farmers make the best use of their particular agricultural environment to promote the development of their participants?

What activities and approaches work best with each target group?

What are the challenges which may be experienced in working with specific groups and how can conflicts be addressed?

What can farmers expect from the collaboration?

In addition to the chapters on specific target groups, there are several more general or cross-cutting chapters which cover topics such as an introduction to social farming, social farming theories, requirements for social farming and social farming in practice.