Material, Links, Networks

material, links, networks

International projects in the field of social farming:

MAIE- Multifunctional Agriculture in Europe
Bio Thüringen

Green4C (Green for Care)

Professional and personal empowerment in social farming:

Inclusive Farming:

Farming for Health:

Urban gardens for the social integration of migrants:


FARMID – FARming as an employment opportunity for people with Mild Intellectual Disability (

Farcura-fostering inclusion through social farming:

SoEngage Plus:

Sustainable Wellbeing Entrepreneurship for Diversification in Agriculture:

National social farming organizations:

Federation of Care Farmers in The Netherlands

Care Farms Flanders

Social Farms and Gardens, UK,

Social Farming, Germany,

Social Farming, Czechia,

Social Farming, Hungary,

Social Farming and Green Care, Austria,

Green Care, Austria,

Social Farming, Norway,

BAGLoB, Germany,

Social Farming, Slovakia,

Social and therapeutic Farming, France,
Réseau Astra – Agriculture Sociale et Thérapeutique en Région Auvergne-Rhône Alpes (

Social Farming, Ireland

Care Farming in Switzerland:

Key literature:


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