Social farming websites of European countries, social farming project websites and other social farming resources


Professional and personal empowerment in social farming,




SoFar – Social Farming,




Farming for Health,


Social Farming Across Borders, Ireland, 


Social Farms and Gardens, UK, 


Social Farming, Germany,


Social Farming, Czechia,


Social Farming, Hungary,


Social Farming blog, Hungary,


Social Farming and Green Care, Austria,


Green Care, Austria,


Social Farming, Norway,


BAGLoB, Germany,


Revitalist, Erasmus+ project,


General guides about social farming (in German language),,


Target group specific:


Elderly at social farms – a guide for farmers (German language),


Young refugees in social farming – a guide book for farmers and social workers (German language),


Research and case studies at Social Farming Ireland,


Limbrunner, Alfons/van Elsen, Tomas (ed.): Boden unter den Füßen. Grüne Sozialarbeit – Soziale Landwirtschaft – Social Farming, Weinheim and Basel 2013.


Gallis, Christos (ed.): Green Care: For Human Therapy, Social Innovation, Rural Economy, and Education. Nova Science Publishers New York, 2013.


Hassink, Jan, Marjken van Dijk (eds.): Farming for Health: Green Care Farming across Europe and the United States of America. Springer, Dordrecht 2006.


Hans Wydler und Rachel Picard: Care Farming, Social Services in Agriculture, Agrarforschung Schweiz 1 (1): 4–9, 2010.


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